Software Architect is a person who draws the initial baby sketches, proves the prototype is working and then considers his job done.

Developer can never estimate how much time it takes in practice to deliver the baby.

Test Engineer is a person who thinks this is not the right baby.

UX Researcher needs more than nine months for proper analysis and, in the end, is still not satisfied with the outcome of the work.

DevOps thinks he can automate even the baby creation process, without any human interaction.

Scrum Master thinks the baby could be delivered in small shippable increments, each at every Sprint.

Product Owner expects more and more babies to be delivered by the same team.

Business Analyst prepares the specifications for twins even though only one baby is expected.

The client does not know why he wants a baby.

Project Manager is a person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month.

Marketing Manager thinks he can deliver a baby even if there is no man or woman available.

HR thinks that even hiring a donkey can help the team to deliver a human baby.

Cost Optimization Stakeholder thinks he might not need both the man and the woman to deliver the baby.

Documentation Team does not care whether the baby is going to be delivered or not, they will just keep on writing documentation.

Quality Auditor is the person who thinks the baby delivery process does not meet the required standards.

By Ionut Balosin

Software Architect, Independent Technical Trainer

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