I am a software architect, independent technical trainer, Oracle ACE Associate, security champion, speaker, and blogger. I speak at major software development conferences and meetups worldwide, delivering engaging presentations, hands-on training sessions, and workshops.

My technical expertise has been honed over nearly 15+ years of diverse software development across various business applications. Actively involved in creating production-ready systems, my real-life experiences serve as the foundation for my presentations, training, and workshop topics, in a very practical manner.

My passion lies in designing high-performance, scalable, and resilient applications. I also have a particular interest in the realm of Compilers. Notably, my work on JVM performance benchmarking has attracted attention from multiple teams at companies like X (formerly Twitter), OracleLabs, Azul, IBM, and more.

Contact me if you are interested in conducting any training or workshop for your team or company.

Training and Workshops

      80+ sessions

    900+ trainees

  1300+ hours

       10+ clients

         4+ countries


       35+ sessions

       14+ countries

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