Java Performance And Tuning


  • The course covers topics like JVM architecture, execution engine, memory structure, garbage collectors, JVM tuning, JVM profiling and troubleshooting, analyzing case studies from a performance standpoint and presenting performance code best practices (tips and tricks).
  • It is an intensive training targeting experienced and advanced software developers who are looking to expand their knowledge in order to discover how to tune Java applications either by choosing the appropriate way of memory allocation, the best Garbage Collector algorithm or the most suitable way of using the JDK API.


  • Java Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Class Loader
  • Execution Engine (i.e. Interpreter, Just In Time Compiler)
  • Java Memory Structure
  • Java Garbage Collections (i.e. Serial, Parallel, ParallelOld, CMS, G1)
  • Garbage Collection Friendly Programming
  • JVM Tuning
  • JVM Profiling
  • Performance Friendly Programming (Tips & Tricks)


  • 16 hours

Target Audience

  • experienced Java developers
  • performance passionate geeks
  • technical leaders
  • architects



Software Architect, Technical Trainer