Introduction to Software Architecture


  • The course introduces the main concepts and context of software architecture. Participants will learn about practices such as essential requirements identification, design, documentation, and analysis, in other words about rather general all-around methodology not bound to specific technological base or area of expertise.
  • Provide architects, system analysts, and technical leaders with design and software architecture skills that can be applied:
    • in current projects as means for achieving system’s qualities, problem solving and customer expectations management
    • in pre-sales, to facilitate analysis of customer needs, preliminary design, and estimation, in order to reduce risks of a commercial proposal


  • Role and responsibilities of a software Architect
  • Quality attributes via architectural patterns and tactics
  • Analysis and design of architecture components
  • Document and evaluate the software architecture
  • Tools and frameworks from an architectural perspective


  • 16 hours

Target Audience

  • experienced software developers
  • technical leaders
  • architects
  • system analysts and designers
  • business analysts



Software Architect, Technical Trainer