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  • The course introduces the main concepts and context of software architecture. Participants will learn about practices such as essential requirements identification, architectural design, architectural documentation, and architecture analysis.
  • It provides a clear understanding of the main aspects of being a software architect, as well as different types of architects (e.g. enterprise, solution, software, and system).
  • It reveals a structured way of collecting and documenting the business requirements with an architectural impact (i.e. non-functional requirements) to be quantifiable, measurable, and testable.
  • It includes various design techniques in light of the Quality Attributes which help to create software architecture.
  • It teaches you how to create proper and structured architectural documentation, in compliance with its purpose and beneficiaries (i.e. users).
  • Evaluating software architecture should be part of each project, hence we will discuss different techniques that might help you to mitigate the architectural risk.
  • It gives a recipe to conduct a healthy evaluation across different frameworks and libraries which might fit the project, to pick up the most suitable and appropriate based on the environmental context.
  • The course is a blend of lectures, individual and team exercises, and interactive workshops.


  • Architectural context and main concepts, the role and responsibilities of a software architect
  • Stakeholders, Business Goals and Quality Attributes (e.g. scalability, performance, security, availability, testability, modifiability, usability) in lights of architectural tactics
  • Designing software architecture
  • Documenting the software architecture via viewpoint-based approach and architectural views (how to structure the architectural description)
  • Evaluation of the software architecture involving different types of stakeholders
  • Technologies and frameworks from an architectural perspective (what they mean and how to properly choose them)


  • 16 hours

Target Audience

  • software developers
  • technical leaders
  • software/solution architects
  • business analysts
  • test engineers

Examples of Recent Feedback

“The presentation was well structured and every information presented was followed by a real life example which facilitated the undesratngind of the theory”

“I liked the structure of the course, the fact that we applied the concepts we learned by following a methodology creating an architecture starting from the requirements.”

“I liked more the quality attributes and the architectural diagrams. Taking into account that I work as a Business Analyst, these two subjects seems to me the most relevant.”

“The course connected informal experience in this areas and provided the guidelines and tools to move forward in this area (e.g. software architecture).”

“The course helped me understand the architectural concepts and the role of an architect.”

“The exercises were useful, because they made me to figure out if I understood the theoretical part.”

“The course helped me to learn the terminology better, by doing exercises, also with books recommendations, describing architectural tactics and generic patterns.”

“The training has substantial subjects, very good, a little but more technical than my current level. I was clarified regarding the diagrams (views and viewpoints) and regarding the applicability of some quality attributes.”

“The trainer is a true professional. He explained everything in detail as best as he could.”

“I think that diagrams are most useful. I think that they should be implemented for every project and presented to developers when they see a project for the first time, as it is easier to imagine and understand how a project works. I hope that in the future if I get to design a project, that I will consider every tip I learned in this course on how to make one readable and understandable by anyone.”

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At the moment this course is available only for companies, teams, or groups of students. The individual subscription (i.e. single person) is not an option at the moment.